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Same Old Routine

Things are same old same old until you're co-worker goes missing and your friend wont shut the hell up.

This Is a Bunch of Bullshit

Since the cops won't help, Rut decides to take matters into his own hands... erm.. paws.. and drags Chester along with him, much to his dismay.

The Shack

Rut explores the old man's shack and finds something unexpected.

Well shit

Chester has a mental breakdown and then something bad happens

Sheep Killers

"You killed my sheep. Now you work for me"

Welcome To The Ranch

The day comes to an end and they make absolutely no progress whatsoever. Welcome! You can never leave now. :3

I'm Surrounded By Idiots

Discoveries are made. People freak out. Our puma not-friend is losing his mind by the second...Oh look Zeke is back :3